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What is TELL Indiana?

The TELL Indiana (Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning) survey is a unique opportunity for educators  to provide valuable input on key education issues such as school and teacher leadership, professional development, and more. 


How did TELL Indiana Survey begin?

In 2010, Indiana was awarded a federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant to implement teacher and principal performance-based compensation system in 44 Indiana schools. The Indiana TELL Survey was initially provided by the TIF grant and was used to meet the grant requirements. The TIF grant also funded the TAP System in all participating schools. In 2016, upon the conclusion of the TIF grant, volunteer districts have continued the TELL Indiana Initiative.

What has happened as a result of earlier TELL Indiana Surveys?

  • Data was used to determine 30 percent of principal and assistant principal performance awards.
  • Tools were developed and posted at the website for school and teacher leaders to utilize for school improvement planning.
  • Presentations, webinars and brief training were provided to school leaders at the 2012 Indiana TAP Summer Institute and webinars in the summer of 2013 to facilitate data use.
  • TIF-participating schools across the state analyzed the survey results to make school improvement decisions.


What are the basics of the survey?

  • TELL Indiana is an anonymous, online survey of every licensed school-based educator in the participating schools.
  • The survey will be live from April 9 - May 14, 2018 for participating school districts.
  • Educators can access the survey via any Internet location, using an individual, anonymous access code.
  • Anyone can view the response rate at any school during the survey window to make sure every school reaches the minimum response rate needed for data (50%).
  • Results will be available for schools reaching the 50% minimum response rate and minimum of 5 educators.


How can I take the survey?

For those educators in participating districts once you receive your anonymous access code, visit

  • 24 hours/day
  • use any internet location
  • view the survey questions
  • read about the research
  • take the survey


How will teachers and administrators receive their anonymous access codes?

The principal in each school will receive a packet of letters in early April.. There will be a Letter of Instruction included. The principal is asked to:

  • Set up a faculty meeting to distribute the survey access codes and share information about the TELL Indiana Survey.
  • Disseminate the letters randomly. Teachers can switch their letters once received with other licensed educators based in their same school.
  • Meet personally with anyone not in attendance to explain the process.


Who can I call if I need help, lose my access code or didn’t receive an access code?

There will be a toll-free Help Desk  1-866-301-2454 ext 18 available 7:30 AM-4:30 PM in your time zone Monday through Friday during the survey window.


The Help Desk can also be accessed at any time through email at or by accessing the website while the survey is live.


Anyone (principals or teachers) not receiving codes should contact the Help Desk at 1-866-301-2454 ext 18 during the survey window.


What should we do if the website has the incorrect number of people for my school?

All requests for headcount changes must be submitted via webform by the administrator.


Complete the headcount change form located on the help page.


Note: It may take as long as 48 hours for the change to be reflected on the website.


Who can participate in the survey?

  • All licensed school-based educators (teachers, administrators, media coordinators, counselors, etc.) in the state.
  • Itinerant teachers should complete a survey for their home-based school but may also complete a survey for any other school in which they work.
  • Licensed school-based part-time teachers can participate.


Do administrators take the same survey as teachers?

Yes. Administrators are included in many of the questions teachers as asked pertaining to the teaching conditions at their school.


Do administrators receive separate codes?

No. There are no distinct codes for administrators or teachers. Both groups will select from the codes provided each school.


How long does it take to complete the survey?

20-30 minutes. You must complete it in one session and be sure to click “submit” when you are finished and wait to receive a notice you have successfully submitted the survey.


How will the results be used?

Gathering the data from those who work with children everyday in our schools- the teachers- helps to capture valuable information, which research as shown is important in improving student achievement and teacher retention efforts.


The results should be used, along with other data artifacts, in school improvement plans.