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The TELL Indiana Survey is a survey of school based licensed educators in participating districts who want to determine if their educators have the supports necessary for effective teaching. 

Results from the survey are posted online for schools that meet the minimum threshold of 50% response and at least 5 respondents. Every school that reached the minimum response rate threshold of 50% (and a minimum of 5 respondents) will be able to use its own data in school improvement planning.


Previous findings, as well as nationwide research, show that teaching conditions are positively associated with improved student achievement and teacher retention. The TELL Indiana Survey provides educators with data, tools and direct support to facilitate school improvement. TELL Indiana captures information about your school's:

  • Community Engagement and Support
  • Teacher Leadership
  • School Leadership
  • Managing Student Conduct
  • Use of Time
  • Professional Development
  • Facilities and Resources
  • Instructional Practices and Support
  • New Teacher Support